I-Plan Software

I-Plan is a modular suite of products that has a proven track record, helping large manufacturing businesses to become more efficient in their operations, more responsive to customer demand and better able to focus-in on strategic opportunities.
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To provide the greatest value and insight, I-Plan integrates readily with all your business systems, including the most complex ERP and legacy platforms.
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I-Plan Demand

Collaborative forecasting that delivers accurate results and is easy to use, even with large, complex groups of products.
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I-Plan Production

Advanced scheduling tools that make production more flexible, without compromising reliability.
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I-Plan Analytics

Custom dashboards, flexible reporting and spohisticated analytics tools for planners, managers and business leaders.
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I-Plan Supply

Detailed scenario planning and supply network optimization tools, for putting more profitable strategies into practice.
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I-Plan Inventory

Global stock planning and management, getting more of the right products where they are needed.
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I-Plan ATP

Sophisticated, cost-optimised global Available to Promise and Capacity to Promise.
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A team approach that makes sales forecasting less complicated, while generating more reliable results

To make sales forecasts sufficiently reliable that planners are willing to use them as the basis for new production schedules, you need more than just your sales people’s view of the market.

The latest generation of demand planning systems use a collaborative forecasting approach for fine-tuning and adding market insights, but start with mathematical modelling to provide a quick start and solid basis for your sales people to work from.

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Collabarative Forecasting Solution
S&OP: Balancing supply and demand to maximise strategic advantage and profitability

The most successful S&OP approaches combine intuition with hard data. Experienced managers know where to start looking for strategic advantage and growth opportunities, but it takes sophisticated modelling and optimization techniques to work out which scenarios are likely to deliver the best profits.

Read how I-Plan is helping business leaders to turn more of their strategic ideas into profitable reality.

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ATP: Confirming orders quickly without the risk of promising more than you can deliver

In global manufacturing companies the complexities of production, inventories and logistics make it almost impossible for sales people to figure out when there is enough capacity to promise to a customer.

With automated Available to Promise (ATP), hundreds of checks and calculations are carried out to confirm whether specific products will be available to deliver when the customer needs them

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VMI: Sharing the responsibility for your strategic partner’s inventory

Whether your customers are pressuring you to manage inventories on their behalf, or you are pursuing VMI as a strategic opportunity, it demands a more collaborative approach than traditional inventory management.

Initial negotiations about key products and safety stocks to the way in which the customer alerts you to production changes, I-Plan provides a flexible solution that is quick to implement and supports you all the way.

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