The I-Plan Integrated Business Planning Solution

I-Plan is a modular suite of products that has a proven track record, helping large manufacturing businesses to become more efficient in their operations, more responsive to customer demand and better able to focus-in on strategic opportunities.

Collaborative Forecasting

Forecasting demand becomes a whole lot smarter with I-Plan Demand, especially for large and geographically dispersed sales teams. It combines intuitive, browser-based collaboration with powerful data analysis to generate the most up-to-date and dependable forecasts at individual, team and group level.

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Demand planning and collaborative sales forecasting
Supply optimisation for the paper and packaging industries

Supply / Demand Balancing

For executives and top level planners, I-Plan Supply transforms S&OP and other strategic decision-making. It creates sophisticated models of your markets and production capabilities, so you can quickly and confidently analyze the cost and profit implications of the most import business decisions.

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Production Planning

For planners, I-Plan Production is a powerful tool that finds the best ways of scheduling the coming weeks’ demand while respecting the constraints imposed by your manufacturing processes. When circumstances require major changes to production, I-Plan can create optimal new plans in minutes.

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Production planning for sales and operations planning in the paper and packaging industries
Inventory optimisation and management for the paper and packaging industries

Inventory Replenishment

I-Plan Inventory actively manages stock across your global distribution network. It looks ahead at global demands and forecasts all the necessary product levels. Based on its view of your production schedules it works out when to place replenishment orders, to meet demand and honor SLAs at least cost.

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Available to Promise

In process industries, your staff and your customers need to know that ATP goes beyond current inventory and production. I-Plan gives you the assurance of forecasting stock at the point of delivery while also considering strategic customer/market allocations.

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Integration with SAP, Oracle and legacy ERP systems
Business intelligence and analytics from sales and operations

Supply Chain Analytics

Whichever way you look at it, management information is now one of the critical success factors for any large complex organization. I-Plan provides custom dashboards, flexible reporting and sophisticated analytical tools for planners, managers and business leaders.

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