Alan Cheesbrough

About Alan Cheesbrough

Managing Director and Founder of I-Plan Alan was the founder of the I-Plan® Concept in 2000 and leads the strategic product development activity supported by the I-Plan functional and technical teams. He provides strategic direction and lead implementation consultancy to I-Plan® projects globally. An original thinker in the field of S&OP and IBP, working in several industries and specifically in the paper industry experience dating back to the mid 1990’s.

A progressive approach to Integrated Business Planning

We have found that the most successful IBP initiatives have been progressive, starting with clear short-term goals and a shared belief in its value amongst senior management and the people who are instrumental to making it happen.

Expect the first tangible business benefits to take 3 to 6 months to materialise, a functioning executive level S&OP process to be in place in 9 to 12 months and a fully integrated IBP with S&OP and integrated sales, production and inventory execution process to take 2 years.

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S&OP myths – Replacing legacy systems has to come first?

If thought leaders in your organisation are considering S&OP – sales and operations planning – as a way to future-proof the business and protect profits in the face of tougher competition, then you will have already seen there are some real obstacles to getting started.

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Forward Consulting

Forward Consulting was founded in 2006 by experienced IT consultants, industrial and production engineers. The very first objective and mission of the company were joining an international team of consultants to implement a multi-million dollars, advanced Supply Chain Management Project at the leading kraft mills in Thailand. The company took leading roles in project management and functional consulting, which contributed significantly to the success of that implementation.

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IFL Consulting

IFL Consulting provides Supply Chain and Logistics consultancy services to companies in manufacturing, distribution and retail across the German speaking world.  It uses I-Plan Could services to model it’s clients’ processes, using the inbuilt statistical and optimisation tools, to answer the difficult strategic questions around efficient business process design and supply chain network design. Frequently IFL’s customers are implementing SAP or Microsoft Dynamics and IFL uses I-Plan as an agile tool to quickly model scenarios, experiment with business process configurations and evaluate options in order to get their template design ‘right first time’.

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WEB Application Developers

We are recruiting skilful and reliable WEB Application Developers and QA Engineers to work with our development teams in the UK and our off-shore development centre.

Our general requirements are ability to work in a team, responsibility for the product of your work and willingness to work with a multi-national team and embrace language and culture.

If you feel that you could be a valuable addition to our team and have all or a good subset of the required skills then please send your resume to

Required Technical Skills

❖    Programming: C#, SQL,PHP, C++
❖    Javascript / JSON / REST
❖    JQuery, jQuery UI
❖    Open source CSS Frameworks
❖    Markup languages: (D)HTML, CSS, XML, XSLT
❖    Database development: DB design theory and practice. Experience with Oracle, MS SQL
❖    Experience with Oracle, MS SQL Server, mySQL
❖    Platforms: MS Windows, Microsoft .NET, IIS, Apache


Greycon specialises in  fine planning, trim optimisation and shop floor control solutions in the paper and plastic film industries.  Trading Science partnered closely with Greycon in 2000 in the development of I-Plan for International Paper, has partnered with Greycon on a number of other high profile projects and provides I-Plan as a complementary product to  X-Trim, OptStudio and Greycon Mill.

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Kiwiplan has been developing and providing powerful, industry specific software solutions for the corrugated and packaging industry for more than 30 years. Today Kiwiplan is the single largest software provider dedicated to meeting the specific needs of packaging manufacturers around the globe. The Kiwiplan Suite is a complete, integrated suite of software applications and provides solutions to address sales order processing, manufacturing execution, supply chain management, inventory logistics, and more. The Manufacturing Execution suite provides automated scheduling, shop floor data collection, tooling management, electronic links to machinery, controllers and equipment on the factory floor and quality management.

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Thai Cane Paper expands on successful Siam Kraft Industry Company Supply Chain Project

Trading Science is pleased to announce a follow-up project and expansion upon the successful Siam Kraft Industry Company (SKIC) supply chain project completed in 2007. The supply chain solution scope will be extended to include Thai Cane Paper (TCP), part of the Siam Cement Group (SCG), Thailand’s largest industrial conglomerate and parent company of SKIC. The I-Plan modules to be implemented at TCP include Forecasting, Master Planning, Block Scheduling, Replenishment and ATP/CTP. The system will be integrated with SAP ERP and the mills’ MES system.

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