Inigo Bridle

About Inigo Bridle

Senior IBP Consultant Inigo is a Senior Consultant for Integrated Business Planning Transformations in the areas of integrated demand and supply planning, inventory planning and production planning implementation. Inigo has more than 20 years experience working in the paper industry production and supply chain functions. Inigo has operated as Functional Lead with advanced supply chain technology to assist customers to deliver complete integrated business transformation projects.

S&OP stories – What can be achieved in a weekend?

To succeed with an initiative like sales and operations planning, you know you will need the commitment of your senior leadership team. But what if your senior colleagues are not convinced about the benefits?

Some years ago I worked with a paper company where one of the board members was championing S&OP, but was facing deep scepticism from his colleagues. He reckoned that completely changing the way that market and operational decisions were made was too radical for his colleagues to accept without proof. Continue reading