Jack Cheesbrough

About Jack Cheesbrough

Supply Chain Consultant * Head of I-Plan Discovery Jack specialises in driving organisational change through the alignment of business goals, his functional knowledge of I-Plan translates into an advanced analytical approach to supply chain management. Jack’s people orientated approach to software implementation gives him a unique edge when working on business process change, leadership engagement and user training.

Looking for Signs of Life: How to tell if you’ve found an AGILE software vendor

You can’t be a disruptive force within your industry without adapting to the changing technology landscape, you must change. Not only does your company need to be ready and adaptive to their organisational change, but you need a software vendor who supports your growth plans. In fact, what you need is not a software vendor but a partner. Someone who can lead change, help you adapt to your changing environment, deliver benefits quickly, and most importantly understand and engage the people within your organisation.

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