SAICA transforming supply chain with I-Plan

Leaders at the Spanish multinational paper and corrugated packaging manufacturer, SAICA, have made a strategic commitment to achieve market leadership through customer service and are engaged in a project  to transform their entire supply chain model.

The recently formed Supply Chain department is focused on a major transformation project that will enable them to respond faster to changing customer needs as well as integrating more closely into their customer supply chains.

SAICA recognised that they needed more sophisticated supply chain planning tools (S&OP) in order to support their transition to ‘make to stock’ and to keep tight control as they rolled out more vendor management inventory.

They asked their long-standing partner, Greycon, for recommendations of suitable solutions . As leaders in trim optimisation and production planning, Greycon were confident to recommend I-Plan from Trading Science. Following detailed evaluations and competitor comparisons, SAICA decided to implement the complete I-Plan system.

I-Plan is being implemented and integrated with the SAICA ERP and MES systems. The implantation project is being managed by Trading Science’s  partner Greycon who is also integrating their opt-Studio® system for production planning and trim optimisation as part of the solution. The I-Plan system is to include functionality for demand forecasting, supply network planning, production planning and inventory management/vendor managed inventory. It also incorporates ATP/CTP (available to promise/capable to promise) and the sophisticated I-Plan Analytics system.

In addition to supplying and configuring the complete I-Plan software suite, Trading Science are providing consulting services around Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) processes and working closely with Greycon in the management of the implementation and the integration process.

David Maeso, Supply Chain Director at SAICA, commented, “There is always risk associated with business transformation projects. To minimise that risk, we were looking for a product that is well proven in our industry and also that is easy for people to learn, that they will want to use. I-Plan showed itself to be outstanding in both respects.

“After what is really a very short time we are making great progress in planning new processes and procedures. We are finding that the team from Trading Science are very quick to understand our business; they have worked very well with our colleagues to create blueprints and implement a system with live data to explore and test against.

“We are very happy with our choice of I-Plan and the partnership between Greycon and Trading Science and are very happy with the progress that has been made already.”

Alan Cheesbrough, Managing Director of Trading Science added, “ We are very pleased to have been selected to assist SAICA with this strategically important project and welcome the challenge of delivering an advanced S&OP solution to support the progressive ideas of the SAICA Supply Chain and IT Groups.”