Looking for Signs of Life: How to tell if you’ve found an AGILE software vendor

You can’t be a disruptive force within your industry without adapting to the changing technology landscape, you must change. Not only does your company need to be ready and adaptive to their organisational change, but you need a software vendor who supports your growth plans. In fact, what you need is not a software vendor but a partner. Someone who can lead change, help you adapt to your changing environment, deliver benefits quickly, and most importantly understand and engage the people within your organisation.

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A progressive approach to Integrated Business Planning

We have found that the most successful IBP initiatives have been progressive, starting with clear short-term goals and a shared belief in its value amongst senior management and the people who are instrumental to making it happen.

Expect the first tangible business benefits to take 3 to 6 months to materialise, a functioning executive level S&OP process to be in place in 9 to 12 months and a fully integrated IBP with S&OP and integrated sales, production and inventory execution process to take 2 years.

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S&OP stories – What can be achieved in a weekend?

To succeed with an initiative like sales and operations planning, you know you will need the commitment of your senior leadership team. But what if your senior colleagues are not convinced about the benefits?

Some years ago I worked with a paper company where one of the board members was championing S&OP, but was facing deep scepticism from his colleagues. He reckoned that completely changing the way that market and operational decisions were made was too radical for his colleagues to accept without proof. Continue reading

S&OP myths – Replacing legacy systems has to come first?

If thought leaders in your organisation are considering S&OP – sales and operations planning – as a way to future-proof the business and protect profits in the face of tougher competition, then you will have already seen there are some real obstacles to getting started.

However the biggest perceived obstacle – the need to replace legacy business systems – is rarely an obstacle in reality. Continue reading