Our consultants are highly experienced in business processes and technology within the paper, packaging and related industries. They are committed to laying the right foundations to make your project a success.

Process design

As your business makes the transition from traditional planning processes to being more customer demand and profitability driven, it is necessary to revisit and reinvent many of your key processes.

From demand forecasting through supply, inventory and production planning, our experienced consultants will help you design realistic, end to end processes that transcend system boundaries. We adopt a ‘use case’ approach with formal modelling tools for analysis and design. We combine this with working I-Plan screens and processes so that your project team can visualise every step, to avoid any surprises later.

We have many years experience, creating these essential foundations for large, successful projects.

Systems and architecture

Whether you are replacing all of your core systems or extending your existing ERP with the capabilities of I-Plan, our technical specialists play a critical role in translating your new processes into technical requirements and designs.

We partner with the systems experts from your team and other software providers, taking a leadership role where appropriate, to create the optimal architecture and data design, as well as designs for customisation and integration.

For more information or to discuss your requirements, please contact us by email us or call +44 1926 623 225.