I-Plan software has been designed for ease of configuration and integration. Our project teams aim to provide working functionality within weeks, rather than months so that you have quick wins to help gain staff buy-in and maintain momentum in the overall project.

Project delivery

Our approach to project delivery is very hands-on, working with your internal project team and other partners, using our systems and tools at every stage in the project life-cycle from analysis and design, through construction, validation, training and go-live. We provide the project management needed for a successful outcome along with specialists in behavioural change, business process, systems, architecture, master data design, integration, training and operational support.

Our people are effective working as part of larger project teams and work harmoniously under your project leadership or with other system integration partners.


Key to I-Plan’s exceptionally high project success and user acceptance is its ability to actively integrate with all of the other business systems which contain customer and operational data. Its accuracy and reliability as a planning tool is underpinned by the information it gathers, from orders and deliveries through to inventory levels, production schedules, prices and costs.

Our consultants use I-Plan’s powerful tools to integrate to all of your systems, including proprietary and legacy systems and the most complex of ERP systems. We are equally adept at applying the data mapping and content conversion functions of I-Plan to interpret all the incoming information. You can read more about I-Plan’s integration tools and functions here.

For more information or to discuss your requirements, please contact us by email us or call +44 1926 623 225.