Our customer support reflects the strategic importance of I-Plan to your business, with service plans that reflect your international operations. I-Plan is an established product and our capable, committed development team regularly release updates.

Software updates

When I-Plan is implemented we use its flexible configuration options, rather than turning to custom code, to create the perfect fit for your business. For this reason, new product releases are typically verified and fully implemented in your business in just a few days.

Because all user interactions with I-Plan are through standard web browsers, your staff and business partners can benefit from the new capabilities of I-Plan without having to roll out separate client software.


Our support services are flexible and we offer up to 24×7 support with guaranteed response times.

TheĀ engineers are brought in at key stages in the build, testing and implementation stages of your project, so they bring real insight and knowledge to all your support queries.

For more information or to discuss your requirements, please contact us by email us or call +44 1926 623 225.