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The I-Plan Suite

With I-Plan you can forecast market demand with far greater accuracy; schedule production more efficiently; control inventories more tightly and give executives the information they need to increase overall profitability while following strategic goals.

I-Plan is available as individual product modules or as a complete, integrated system. It has been designed from the outset to integrate with your existing ERP and production systems, supporting your strategic decision-making.

I-Plan was created from the outset as a thin-client system, with all of its functionality accessed through a standard browser without any plugins. This gives you the flexibility to deploy it as SaaS (software as a service) or it can be installed in your own data centre. Read more about platforms and hosting

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I-Plan Demand

Collaborative forecasting that delivers accurate results and is easy to use, even with large, complex groups of products.
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I-Plan Production

Advanced scheduling tools that make production more flexible, without compromising reliability.
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I-Plan Analytics

Custom dashboards, flexible reporting and spohisticated analytics tools for planners, managers and business leaders.
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I-Plan Integration

I-Plan has been designed to work with your existing ERP, fine planning and manufacturing systems. Its forecasting, optimization and planning functionality are always ready to support decision-makers and planners, thanks to the constant stream of detailed, current business data.
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I-Plan Supply

Detailed scenario planning and supply network optimization tools, for putting more profitable strategies into practice.
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I-Plan Inventory

Global stock planning and management, getting more of the right products where they are needed.
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I-Plan ATP

Sophisticated, cost-optimised global Available to Promise and Capacity to Promise.
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