Global process manufacturing businesses are complex and some aspects of sales and operations plans are counter-intuitive and so require good data to underpin sound strategic decisions.

I-Plan includes an analytics module which allows executives, planners, sales and production staff to see the information they need quickly, clearly and with the right level of detail.

Powerful reporting and charting

I-Plan provides a window on all the key performance data from the business, drawing on live and historic data including forecast demands, supply allocations, sales orders, production outputs, inventory movements, product prices and costs.

Managers and analysts can create their own custom reports and charts (without any programming or database queries) which allow them to investigate areas of interest or concern. From simple reports to sophisticated pivot tables, I-Plan provides flexible, powerful tools for querying and analysis.

Personalized dashboards

Every user’s login screen for I-Plan can be presented as a custom dashboard, including key performance indicators and data specific to their job. Dashboard widgets can be created by end users themselves or shared at a global or team level to ensure consistency of metrics and focus.

The entire I-Plan system is accessed through a web browser, so everybody can access their own, personalized window into the business data, no matter where their work and meetings take them.

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