In global process manufacturing businesses the critical role that inventory plays – bridging the gap between production and delivery – often comes at a high price. I-Plan helps you find more balanced inventory strategies and uses real-time data from your sales and production systems to automatically maintain optimum stock levels.

Finding your optimal stock strategies

I-Plan provides tools which enable you to evaluate all the products which are carried in each of your warehouses and distribution centers. It analyzes demand and works out which products should be make-to-order only and which need to be carried in particular warehouses.

Based on input from your sales and production staff, it calculates what safety stock levels are required for each product at every one of your global locations.

Automating stock replenishment

I-Plan monitors physical inventory at all of your locations, through integration with your ERP system. It uses a sophisticated algorithm to determine when to place replenishment orders, taking into account forecast demand and confirmed orders. These replenishment orders can be checked and amended by staff or passed directly to the fine planning systems.

Because I-Plan has the complete picture – demand allocations, actual orders, production schedules, safety stocks, cycle stocks and goods in transit – it can very accurately predict stock levels at future points. This makes inventory management far more reliable and efficient than is possible with an ERP system alone.

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