When your planners are making strategic decisions about the product types and global markets you are going to allocate production to, or when they are considering the options in the face of unexpected change, I-Plan provides them with fast, powerful tools which can accurately calculate the profitability of different scenarios.

Scenario planning for S&OP

For large manufacturing organizations, the usefulness of sales and operations planning is often limited by the unreasonably long time it takes to analyze the financial impact of proposed market or product allocations.As a result, without meaningful data to support S&OP meetings, innovative new strategies are frequently dropped in favor of more conservative options.

With I-Plan, strategic planners and decision makers are given a powerful scenario analysis tool that allows them to explore and properly evaluate different supply and demand scenarios. From the top level analysis of profitability, its intuitive controls allow you to quickly drill down into where revenues and profits are being generated, as well as investigating the fine details of market fulfillment, machine loading, product mix and more.

When it comes to putting these scenarios into action, I-Plan passes all of the details directly to its production planning module, so your planners start generating medium-term production schedules that directly reflect the business strategy.

Guiding your response to change

When major changes happen without warning – perhaps a customer halts production or a machine breaks down – planners need to quickly work out how to make the best of the situation, with the least impact on key customers and minimum impact on profit.

I-Plan can be easily updated to reflect the new business situation and its optimization process runs in a matter of minutes. It can help planners evaluate different options and find the most profitable solution for any given situation.

Through the I-Plan Production module, the chosen solution can be very quickly turned into medium-term production plans so that the entire organization is put back on the right track without costly delays.

True profit optimization

I-Plan stands apart from other supply network planning tools in the quality of its profit maximization. Where other systems seek to minimize costs, I-Plan also considers the profitability of different products and the prices that you can achieve in different markets.

This, in combination with its sophisticated optimization algorithms, is why I-Plan has been shown to deliver substantial, sustainable profit increases for process manufacturing and paper industry customers.

Powerful yet easy to use

The I-Plan supply network planning system is designed to provide a very different experience for different types of user. For experienced planners it offers a fast, flexible toolset for setting-up and exploring different business scenarios, to look at market changes, production possibilities and maintenance options. As a management information tool, it provides intuitive graphical representations of scenarios, concise financial summaries and flexible drill-down capabilities.

The entire I-Plan system is accessed through a web browser, making it easy to roll out across global teams as well as taking into meetings on a laptop or tablet.

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