I-Plan has been designed from the outset as a thin client system with all user access through a web browser. It is available as a hosted system (SaaS) or can be installed on-site on a standard Windows or Linux server.

Thin client architecture

I-Plan runs in any standards-compliant browser without any plug-ins. There is no need for desktop software rollouts or updates; users can login from any securely connected computer or tablet.

It makes full use of the latest browser standards to deliver rich, highly interactive user interfaces which are quick to learn and provide an excellent balance of functionality and ease of use. Each individual can be given their own customizable dashboard and access to just that functionality they need to do their job.

On-site installation or secure hosting

I-Plan can be provided as a secure hosted system, from a single module to a complete system. Each instance of I-Plan is hosted as a separate application instance so that your data and processing resources are kept completely separate from other organizations’. All maintenance and updates are carried out by our team, while access and security are provided under service level agreements tailored to your company needs.

Alternatively, I-Plan can be installed on your own premises. It can run on the most popular server platforms and has been designed for scalability and ease of maintenance. It is coded using well regarded, enterprise-strength toolsets, so there is no problem finding staff to support it.

Whichever approach you take, I-Plan provides flexible integration, straight-forward configuration and rapid, well-managed version upgrades.

For more information please refer to our product overview or case studies. If you would like to discuss your requirements with us, please email us or call +44 1926 623 225.