I-Plan from Trading Science was tightly integrated with the TIPS Sales and Production Planning tools to allow a two way transfer of real time data. This allows optimal sales and operation plans to be created based on current conditions and allows those plans to be executed with minimal manual intervention.
Supply Chain Director, Korsnäs AB

Business Challenge

The goal of Korsnäs was to move to demand based production and inventory planning process in order to be more responsive to customer demand whilst reducing costs. Additionally there was a need to replace existing in-house developed sales order management solutions and production planning solutions but with full integration with the sales and operations planning tools in order  be able to resolve complex planning issues quickly as the market conditions change and to be able to implement those plans seamlessly.

Business Benefits

  • A company view of the demand plan
  • Close customer collaboration in forecasting
  • A demand / supply balance maximizing profitability
  • Least cost production schedules accurately aligned with demand
  • Improved inventory performance resulting in increased service level and reduced cost

The I-Plan Solution

Korsnäs selected I-Plan as their supply chain planning and optimisation solution integrated with TIPS Plan and TIPS Sales from Tieto Enator.  I-Plan is used for demand planning, collaborating with key customers who review forecasts directly in I-Plan. The sales and operations planning process uses I-Plan Supply to generate the supply network plan from which detailed production schedules and inventory plans are created in I-Plan.  Execution is driven from I-Plan via the integration with the TIPS tools. The solution utilises the following I-Plan modules:-

I-Plan Demand

I-Plan Supply

I-Plan Production

I-Plan Inventory

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Partner Integrated Solutions

❖  TIPS Sales from Tieto Enator
❖  TIPS Plan from Tieto Enator