We selected I-Plan for integrated business planning because of its excellent functional fit, specifically developed for industries like ours. We also favoured I-Plan as it is a mature product with a proven track record.
Timo Rautakorpi, CIO

Business Challenge

A top strategic priority for Suominen is to become highly market-focused and in particular to implement a demand-driven supply chain. To support this objective, they are running an initiative to replace the majority of their IT systems. The project is being delivered by our strategic partner Tieto, one of Europe’s largest IT service providers.

The I-Plan Solution

Suominen selected I-Plan as an integral part of the solution, to support demand and supply planning, in particular:

  • Supporting their forecasting and demand review with customers
  • Evaluating strategic market opportunities, modelling their expected profitability and impact elsewhere in the business.
  • Providing accurate supply and demand scenario planning and generating their high level supply plan.
  • Allocating production across their specialised global manufacturing facilities and generating rough production plans 2 to 18 months ahead.

I-Plan will integrate with the new ERP and fine planning systems to provide a balanced and financially optimal demand and supply plan to drive sales, materials supply and production planning processes.

The I-Plan team will be supporting the programme with specific industry S&OP expertise, to lead the design of Suominen’s new demand and supply planning processes.